Sustainability at Avalon

Sustainability in Mineral Development

At Avalon, sustainability means adopting leading industry standards for the management of health, safety and the environment;  transparently engaging with local communities and stakeholders; treating those with whom the company works with respect; and creating a workplace where employees are valued,  engaged and encouraged to succeed. Along with implementing risk and change management, Avalon integrates its sustainability objectives into business planning, work activities and assessments.

Why Sustainability Matters


  • is increasingly important to project success 
  • gives Avalon a strategic advantage, aligning the company with its stakeholders’ values
  • reduces risk and creates opportunities
  • improves the company’s ability to attract and retain quality people
  • is cost effective and adds shareholder value through improved economic performance
  • gives Avalon a social license to operate

Avalon is a leader among junior miners in adopting best practices to reduce its environmental footprint, prevent water contamination and engage with local communities. Acting sustainably creates company value by reducing risk for all stakeholders and by optimizing opportunities for individual and community prosperity.

Many critical raw materials are vital enablers of clean technology, such as renewable energy sources and energy-efficient automobiles. As a mineral development company focused on rare metals, it is a strategic advantage for Avalon to adopt principles of sustainability into its corporate foundation in order to align with potential customers, such as producers of clean technology, who demand their supply chains be sustainable.


For questions or feedback on any of Avalon’s sustainability initiatives, or to receive a paper copy of the most recent Sustainability Report by mail, please email Avalon at [email protected] or contact Mark Wiseman, Vice President Sustainability, directly at 416-364-4938.