Health & Safety

Health and safety are the foundations of Avalon’s business and are the company’s most important corporate value. A strong health and safety record leads to positive relations in the communities where Avalon conducts business and contributes to Avalon’s social license to operate. Good health and safety performance improves production, helps maintain competent employees and strong morale and reduces delays and costs associated with accidents. 

Health and safety leadership starts with management: clear health and safety roles and responsibilities, accountabilities, targets and objectives are identified, tracked and communicated with the goal of continuous improvement. Avalon recognizes the importance of strong leadership in health and safety; Avalon management provides the resources necessary to develop and implement its health and safety policies, programs and safe work procedures in the workplace.  Regular occupational health, safety and environment meetings, inspections and risk assessments are completed at all sites and reported through the organization. While accident prevention is the priority, accident and incident management and emergency response are all components of the health and safety programs at all sites. 

Visit Avalon’s project pages for project-specific health and safety performance, or read the company’s most recent Sustainability Report for more information on Avalon’s health and safety initiatives.