Sustainability Reporting

President & CEO, Don Bubar, discussing why Avalon annually reports on its progress in sustainability (January 2016)

Avalon provides an annual sustainability report to communicate its progress to create value for its shareholders through sustainable initiatives. Avalon’s 2019 Sustainability Report can be found here.

Avalon’s sustainability reports show the path of its commitment and how the company navigates sustainability challenges throughout the years. By reporting on its sustainability progress, goals, successes and failures, Avalon creates greater transparency and accountability between the company and its stakeholders.

Annual sustainability reports are tools to allow for more-informed decision-making from Avalon’s management. It is Avalon’s belief that by measuring and tracking its environmental, social and governance performance, sustainability goals and targets stay a priority in managerial decisions.

Previous Sustainability Reports

2018 Sustainability Report

2018 Sustainability Report
Refocus, Revive and Restore
December 2018

2017 Sustainability Report

2017 Sustainability Report
Concentrating on Cleantech Materials Production
November 2017

2016 Sustainability Report

2016 Sustainability Report
Minerals for Transitioning Economies
November 2016

2015 Sustainability Report

2015 Sustainability Report
Balancing Opportunities
December 2015

2014 Sustainability Report

2014 Sustainability Report
Lead. Collaborate. Diversify.
December 2014


2013 Sustainability Report
Align. Optimize. Innovate.
December 2013

2012 Sustainability Summary

2012 Sustainability Summary
Rooted in Sustainability
June 2013

2011 Sustainability Summary

2011 Sustainability Report
Journey to a Sustainable Future
April 2012


2010 CSR Roadmap
January 2011