2018 Sustainability Report

Refocus, Revive & Restore

Avalon’s 2018 Sustainability Report’s theme is Refocus, Revive and Restore to reflect the repositioning of the company and its accomplishments over the past year. Avalon continues to see benefit in providing leadership and promoting excellence in sustainable business practices. Acting sustainability gives Avalon a strategic advantage, aligning the company with its stakeholders’ values, including cleantech companies who audit their supply chains to ensure that their raw materials are sourced from environmentally and socially responsible operators.

Sustainability reports such as this one provide tangible evidence that the mineral development industry is evolving rapidly as it transitions to cleantech materials production; embraces new, more efficient process technology; and reduces the scale of its initial operations - all resulting in a greatly reduced environmental footprint compared to that traditionally associated with the industry.

This report has been prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards, core option. All GRI content can be found within the comprehensive GRI Index.

It includes a self-assessment of the company’s 2018 fiscal year sustainability performance and sets targets for 2019 against the Mining Association of Canada’s Toward Sustainable Mining indicators. It also tracks both short and long term sustainability goals set by Avalon management.

Please contact Mark Wiseman at sustainability@AvalonAM.com or 1-416-364-4938 for further information.