2016 Sustainability Report

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Minerals for Transitioning Economies

Welcome to Avalon’s fifth Sustainability Report: Minerals for Transitioning Economies - a theme chosen to reflect the important role of the critical materials that Avalon seeks to produce for the disruptive technologies that are enabling the rapid global transition to clean energy.

This report is prepared within the framework of the Global Reporting Initiative, (GRI) Version G4, core level. All GRI content can be found within the comprehensive GRI Index.

Avalon pursues sustainability in all areas of our business and actively promotes improved mineral industry practice with investors, potential partners and government. In this report, we also describe the work done behind the scenes at the company - from an update from the metallurgical department to the many outreach initiatives Avalon management is involved in.

This report includes a self-assessment of the Company’s 2016 fiscal year sustainability performance and sets targets for 2016 against the Mining Association of Canada’s Toward Sustainable Mining indicators. It also tracks both short and long term sustainability goals set by Avalon management.

The Avalon Sustainability Team


Please contact Mark Wiseman at sustainability@AvalonAM.com or 1-416-364-4938 for further information.