Corporate Presentation – May 2018

Avalon's President and CEO, Don Bubar, presents an update on the company’s projects.


B-TV Interview with Don Bubar - April 2017



Webinar – Lithium Geology for Investors

Avalon Advanced Materials teamed up with BlueLeaf Capital and AdvisorAnalyst to create a webinar series, including "Lithium Geology for Investors." There are many different types of lithium deposits that are currently being explored as development opportunities to serve the emerging energy storage market. Don Bubar provides insight into the geology of lithium and other factors relevant to investment decisions in the lithium sector in this 20 minute webinar.


Webinar - The Lithium Market

VP, Sales and Marketing of Avalon, Pierre Neatby, provides insight into the current lithium market.


Webinar – Sustainability in Resource Extraction

Avalon’s VP, Sustainability, Mark Wiseman, provides insight into the importance of sustainability in resource extraction.


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