Investor Highlights

Diverse Critical Metals and Minerals Portfolio

Avalon holds a diverse critical metals and minerals property portfolio, offering investors exposure to lithium, tantalum, zirconium, rubidium, cesium, indium, gallium, germanium, rare earths and tin. Three projects are in advanced stages of development.

Experienced Management Team

With a highly experienced management team, Avalon is well-positioned to become a new producer of critical metals and minerals for the global market.

Developing a Unique Lithium Deposit

The Separation Rapids deposit hosts the world’s largest undeveloped known resource of the rare lithium mineral petalite. Petalite is valued for its exceptional purity and is used as an industrial mineral in certain glass-ceramic applications. Avalon is currently re-evaluating the potential to serve this growing market and is also investigating the possibility of producing a high purity lithium chemical for the rapidly expanding market in lithium ion batteries.

Avalon provides a strategic approach to building new lithium production through…

  • Product design: working with our customers to create the best quality products to serve their needs at attractive prices
  • Innovative metallurgy: Designing an efficient  process flowsheet to produce the best quality product at the lowest cost
  • Staged development: Start with a demonstration plant to prove process and scale up after products specs are optimized
  • Minimizing environmental impacts: recycling of reagents and creating markets for by-products
  • Sustainable development: Utilize renewable energy and maximize use of the ore body

Opportunity to Re-develop a Past-producing Tin mine

Avalon is actively working toward re-starting production of tin at its East Kemptville Project in Nova Scotia. East Kemptville was in production for just 6 years before closing in 1992 due to depressed tin prices. A significant tin-indium (+copper-zinc-silver) resource remains undeveloped. Growing demand for tin in the electronics sector has created an opportunity to re-develop the site as a new North American producer of conflict-free tin.

Advanced Heavy Rare Earth Project

In response to growing demand for new supplies of the rare earth elements, beginning in 2006, Avalon invested approximately $100 million into the Nechalacho Rare Earth Elements Project, completing a positive comprehensive Feasibility Study in 2013. Nechalacho is now an advanced potential new source of the scarce heavy rare earth elements. It also has potential to produce significant by-products of zirconium and tantalum. Avalon is currently monitoring the rare earths market and new research into rare earth extraction techniques that can reduce both operating costs and capital costs. Renewed work on the project is contingent upon recovery in demand and pricing for rare earths and lower capital costs.

Leader in Sustainability

The principles of sustainability are core values of the company. Avalon is a leader among junior miners in adopting best practices to reduce its environmental footprint, prevent water contamination and engage with local communities.